Pap-Imi is a Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field device, that provides energy to the body’s cells to assist the body in balancing, repairing and detoxifying. Our bodies are made up of energy, healthy cells function at optimum levels if your body is not functioning at optimum levels it may require energy. The Pap-Imi machine provides the body with natural energy which may assist in healing. The Pap-Imi has shown to help joint motion, relieve inflammation, pain, swelling and edema (water retention). The Pap-Imi assists with detoxifying the body by opening the bodies cell gates three times larger than normal which allows the toxins to move freely out of the body. A certified Pap-Imi technician administers each session which consists of 30 minutes. A loop approximately 7 inches in diameter is placed over areas of the participant’s body. The pulses delivered by the Pap-Imi will travel through clothing or casts, so clothing need not be removed.