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When we think of coaching, we often think of sports, both individual and team.  We have come to understand that anyone who achieves success in sports of any kind whether winning a trophy, medal or championship doesn’t achieve it on their own.  They receive coaching and support along the way.

Life coaching or personal transformation is just like sports; having a coach and support system to achieve personal success in any and all areas of life such as Health & Wellbeing, Relationships, Job/Career and Time/Money freedom. 

At Energetic Health & Wellness Centre, we believe this is a vital key in order to be, do, have and create anything you would love, in any area of your life.  Humans have been programed for many generations with limiting beliefs, worry, fear and doubt which interrupt success.  Some examples of limiting beliefs are I am not good enough, I am not smart enough, I am to old/young etc.  Living with worry, fear and doubt stops people in their tracks from stepping outside their comfort zone, it’s too scary out there on your own.  You also cannot see the picture very well when you are in the frame. With a coach and support system, someone believing in you while your belief grows, provides personal growth and achievement for your dreams and visions. 

Jackie teaches tools and principles on a conscious level and practices energy medicine to remove limiting beliefs and negative trapped emotions on a subconscious level for clients to be, do, have and create a life they LOVE from the inside out.

We were all born with a light inside, it is Jackie's  honour to support you in shinning yours.


Life Transformation

"Discovery Phone Session" This is a complimentary no obligation  45-60 min coaching session. We will discover what is holding you back from success, what your greatest challenges are in areas of Health, Relationships, Job/Career and Time/Money Freedom and discover if the program is  for you and if I am the coach for you.   


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Phone/Text: 250-785-2702


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