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While lying comfortably on the floor, breathing particular breath patterns we infuse the body with oxygen and prana (life force) . The breath activates and charges the spinal fluid in the body sending energy through over 70,000 pathways also known as meridians.   This invites the release of energies, such as physical tension, stored thoughts, emotions and trauma with ease and grace.  Through this activation of release on a deep energetic and physical level, flushes our cells, supports our nervous system, increases awareness to ones true self.  They are profound transformational sessions, each one supporting the activation required in the moment.  


  • Our nervous system maybe overloaded with life experiences.
  • When we experience life without awareness, we may be experiencing life on auto pilot (unconscious awareness), repeating patterns from the past into the future.
  • This creates challenges for our nervous system to release and let go of what no longer serves us.
  • This may cause ones physiology to become addicted to stress hormones, discomfort and pain physically, emotionally and mentally.  

Breathe Awareness into your Experiences and Shift Patterns
Every Body Ascension Breath session is unique. No two sessions are alike.  Here are some common experiences and results …

  • RELEASE tension, stress, frustration, anger, & suppressed emotional issues.
  • INITIATE forgiveness & acceptance at a deeper level for self and others.
  • EVOKE inner vitality, passion, aliveness, and total self-love.
  • MERGE  Body, Mind & Spirit, open up, and connect to your fullest potential self.
  • RECEIVE crystalline clarity of vision and creative inspiration for your Journey.
  • RELAX in a calm, deep peaceful state.

Group, individual, family and couple sessions are available.  For more information on group classes please contact me.